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Visit the Sick – What Not to Say

When we visit the sick or shut-in, we want to empathize, encourage, and comfort, yet even with good intentions we sometimes say things that we don’t realize actually carry negative implications. Fear of saying the wrong thing can be a … Continue reading

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Thirsting for Relief? Overcome by Cravings? What Will Truly Satisfy?

(This post relates especially, but not exclusively, to those in adversity and those plagued by addictions, compulsions, obsessive cravings, or a perception of unmet “needs.”) We used to live in a western desert city. Sometimes we would drive to a … Continue reading

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Honor Governing Authorities

Several times recently I’ve written to highlight some of Peter’s counsel on how a Christian must respond to a culture in moral decay. As I had noted, Peter and Emperor Nero were contemporaries, and Nero hated Christians, so Peter and his … Continue reading

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Stay On Target.

Near the end of an early Star Wars movie, Luke Skywalker was trying to maneuver his fighter into a tight spot to fire a shot at just the right location to destroy the Death Star. One problem was, enemy fighters kept getting … Continue reading

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Safety Amidst Conspiracies

Conspiracies have been common against leaders throughout history. A conspiracy is a secret plot by a group of people to do something harmful or unlawful. Those in collusion deceive in order to gain an unfair advantage, to defraud another of … Continue reading

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Suffering: Nuts and Bolts

Today’s guest blogger is Heather Rice. She is an oncology nurse, with degrees also in linguistics and biblical counseling. Besides counseling at her church, she enjoys hiking, languages, linguistics, Bible study, and her church. Part 4 of 4 The previous … Continue reading

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