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But I have impressions… 

The post God Still Speaks – Discussion After Josiah’s Fire used the book review of Josiah’s Fire as a springboard to a series discussing the claims that Christians today subjectively hear from God outside of Scripture (extra-biblical revelation). Answering two … Continue reading

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God Still Speaks – Discussion After Josiah’s Fire

One of the panelists at the G3 conference in January 2017 said something like, as long as we have church members who profess to believe the doctrine of sola scriptura and yet also think that Jesus Calling is a good book … Continue reading

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A Secret to Lasting Power

Wouldn’t every world ruler like to know the secret to real, lasting power? Solomon, whose son would be the next king of Israel, certainly wanted his son to know, so when he put together the book of Proverbs for his … Continue reading

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God’s Commandments–What a Treasure!

Among the Olympic sports, I enjoy watching equine eventing, especially dressage and cross country. In cross country, the horse gallops through gorgeous country and overcomes creatively designed obstacles. Cross country jumps can show off the athleticism of the horse and … Continue reading

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God’s Master Plan in Twelve Verses

Terrorist bombings, wars, and insurrections and coups have become commonplace topics. We hear of kidnappings, school shootings, and invasions of privacy on a massive scale. Does it seem like this world is out of control? Do you ever wonder, why … Continue reading

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The Word is a Fountain of Life

Eli the priest had two sons, Hophni and Phinehas. As priests, Eli’s sons were supposed to lead the people in worship and in obedience to God’s commandments. Instead, they were selfishly indulging themselves. They practiced sexually immorality. From the offerings … Continue reading

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