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Blood Moons and Signs of the Times

In the last couple of years, a new fad idea has been captivating the attention of Christians and Jews, a preoccupation with blood moons as portents of judgment or momentous events for Israel and the world. Depending upon who you … Continue reading

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The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven Speaks Out

A few years ago, a book claiming that six-year-old Alex Malarkey had gone to heaven and returned to tell about it rose to best-seller status. In my 2013 book review “Been to Heaven Lately?” I noted the opposition to the book … Continue reading

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Does Jesus Appear to Muslims in Dreams?

When I wrote last autumn (2013) about the Strange Fire Conference, I mentioned that attendees were given an opportunity to ask questions and that mine was about the stories of Muslim dreams of Jesus that lead them to salvation in … Continue reading

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