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A Visitor’s Guide to Hell

One doctrine upon which almost all religions agree throughout history is hell. They may not agree about the details, but they agree that there is a hell. In A Visitor’s Guide to Hell: A Manual for Temporary Entrants and Those … Continue reading

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No Wiggle Room

Boston Herald sports headline, Sunday, July 24, 2016: “Suspension rules leave little wiggle room for Tom Brady.” The article discusses whether NFL quarterback Tom Brady will “keep his sanity” during four weeks of suspension from his team. He is supposed … Continue reading

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It Was Only One Bite

In 1977 Wadi Haddad, a mastermind of terrorist hijackings, mysteriously died. According to Saul David in Operation Thunderbolt (and other sources) he ate some chocolates coated with an undetectable, slow-acting poison. A few weeks afterward he began to lose weight. … Continue reading

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Does Jesus Appear to Muslims in Dreams?

When I wrote last autumn (2013) about the Strange Fire Conference, I mentioned that attendees were given an opportunity to ask questions and that mine was about the stories of Muslim dreams of Jesus that lead them to salvation in … Continue reading

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One Small Bite by Man; One Great Sacrifice by God

Can a single drop of cyanide poison the Great Lakes? Yet a single drop of tasty rebellion poisoned the whole sea of humanity. In all creation there was only one fruit that God forbid, and of that fruit Adam ate. … Continue reading

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God’s Master Plan in Twelve Verses

Terrorist bombings, wars, and insurrections and coups have become commonplace topics. We hear of kidnappings, school shootings, and invasions of privacy on a massive scale. Does it seem like this world is out of control? Do you ever wonder, why … Continue reading

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