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When Family Goes Hostile

The December 16, 2012 Huffington Post carried the article “I am Adam Lanza’a Mother,” in which Liza Long wrote about the verbal and increasingly physical aggression of her 13-year-old son who would soon be stronger than she. Liza created a … Continue reading

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Handle Gently the Battered Reed

Children need a ton of gentle treatment. Previously maltreated children need a boat load. Seeing no relief from provocations and no resolution to the swirling morass of fear, anger, guilt, and shame feelings that result, the mistreated child may lose … Continue reading

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How can they be so remorseless?

This last week, the Tsarnaev family, neighbors, and media voiced bafflement over how two nice young men could have so ruthlessly mangled people in the Boston Marathon bombing. Were they “radicalized”? What went wrong in them? Similarly, the lack of … Continue reading

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They Say He Has No Conscience.

We’ve heard stories like the Columbine school shooting or children who torment animals or kill parents all without remorse. Similarly, children labeled with RAD are noted for callousness, lack of compassion, lack of empathy, and lack of remorse. It is … Continue reading

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How to Overcome Evil: A Practical Exposition of Romans 12:14-21

I picked up this book by Jay Adams to check it out as a possible resource for my counselees and for my own benefit. Half way through, the thought occurred to me that it would make a handy, practical guide … Continue reading

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The Eyes Have It

Part 2 of 2 When I began the original post on lack of eye contact, I thought that I would use only one post to illustrate the Bible’s relevance on this subject. I had forgotten just how relevant, how extensively … Continue reading

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