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Anger Over Disappointing Dad (Part 2) – Practical Applications

The post Anger Over Disappointing Dad (Part 1) introduced the problem of Donna, a teen who perceives herself to be constantly disappointing a parent. Her escalating anger about it was boiling over into increasingly frequent arguments with her dad. Part … Continue reading

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Anger Over Disappointing Dad (Part 1)

Donna (not her real name) is fifteen years old, a Christian, and argues frequently with her dad. She affirms that she loves her dad. She says that she wants his affirmation, attention, and a close enjoyable relationship with him. At … Continue reading

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Join us! You’ll Belong and Have Fun!

Listen to this invitation: Throw in your lot with us, We shall all have one purse (Prov. 1:14). Now you’re talkin’! These people care about me. They aren’t making demands on me like my family does. They want me for … Continue reading

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