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When You Know Someone Whose Child is in Residential Treatment

The idea of residential treatment for a child’s emotional-behavioral problems carries the connotation of trouble, behavior out of control, intense conflicts between parent and child, failed efforts to overcome a serious problem, a prodigal child. If you know someone who … Continue reading

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When You Send Your Child to Residential Treatment

Handing the care and nurture of your child over to a residential facility is not easy. When the reason for placement is because the child has become too difficult for you to parent, more factors come into play. Depending on … Continue reading

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Before You Choose Residential Treatment for Your Child

Sending a child to residential treatment is not something parents take lightly. They love their children and want them in the home. But some who have obstinately obstreperous children sometimes perceive they have no option left but a residential program. … Continue reading

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On Guard: Preventing and Responding to Child Abuse at Church

Of all the public places in the world, a child ought to be safe from harm in a church building. As news headlines have indicated, it isn’t always so. In fact, many sexual predators deliberately target churches. Christians who take … Continue reading

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A Secret to Lasting Power

Wouldn’t every world ruler like to know the secret to real, lasting power? Solomon, whose son would be the next king of Israel, certainly wanted his son to know, so when he put together the book of Proverbs for his … Continue reading

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Rejecting Bitterness When a Child Disappoints

Resentment and bitterness came knocking on the door of Freda’s heart. Bill and Freda (story used with permission) had taken in a teen-aged foster child. As they worked with him, he grew more incorrigible rather than less. Finally, reluctantly, they … Continue reading

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