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So if my impression isn’t from God, then where is it from?

Back in the late 70’s, I joined the increasing waves of people who believed that Christians receive daily guidance from God through impressions, independent of Scripture. I was taught that this was essential to personal intimacy with God. Wanting to … Continue reading

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But I have impressions… 

The post God Still Speaks – Discussion After Josiah’s Fire used the book review of Josiah’s Fire as a springboard to a series discussing the claims that Christians today subjectively hear from God outside of Scripture (extra-biblical revelation). Answering two … Continue reading

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God Still Speaks – Discussion After Josiah’s Fire

One of the panelists at the G3 conference in January 2017 said something like, as long as we have church members who profess to believe the doctrine of sola scriptura and yet also think that Jesus Calling is a good book … Continue reading

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Josiah’s Fire

Written by Tahni Cullen with Cheryl Ricker, Josiah’s Fire: Autism stole his words, God gave him a voice begins with the story of Josiah Cullen’s decline into autism and his resumption of communication in 2012 by typing on an iPad. … Continue reading

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He…thought of me above all?

The chorus of a popular worship song ends with these words: “He took the fall and thought of me above all.” I have liked that song, but last time I sang it I found myself asking, “Self, do I really … Continue reading

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Blood Moons and Signs of the Times

In the last couple of years, a new fad idea has been captivating the attention of Christians and Jews, a preoccupation with blood moons as portents of judgment or momentous events for Israel and the world. Depending upon who you … Continue reading

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