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Departing in Peace: Biblical Decision-Making at the End of Life

Have you thought about whether you want to be kept alive on a feeding tube? More importantly, have you thought about what God’s will in that situation would be? Have you thought about having to make end-of-life medical decisions for … Continue reading

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Alarmed? Love the Lord Courageously  (Psalm 31, Pt 3)

Fear. The word “alarm” speaks of fear, apprehension, fright, or panic. Under the heading “Trust the Lord Knowledgeably” I highlighted David’s exhortation in Psalm 31 in response to feeling alarmed.  That was the opener to a three-part series from Psalm … Continue reading

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Duty by Grace

I didn’t want to go to the store for milk, but my husband needed it for breakfast next morning and it was my duty to get it. I didn’t want to trim shrubs, but it is my duty as a … Continue reading

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Is Self-Esteem in Psalm 139?

It was in the 1970s that the self-esteem movement seriously infected the U.S. culture and grew to epidemic proportions. It didn’t take long for Christians, myself included, to catch the virus and claim the need for a higher self-esteem. To … Continue reading

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When You Know Someone Whose Child is in Residential Treatment

The idea of residential treatment for a child’s emotional-behavioral problems carries the connotation of trouble, behavior out of control, intense conflicts between parent and child, failed efforts to overcome a serious problem, a prodigal child. If you know someone who … Continue reading

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Did God Speak to Me? A Personal Experience

I thought I was done writing this series on hearing from God in the heart. Then an experience crashed into my worldview. I was standing at a table in the classroom on a Tuesday morning organizing my materials for Bible … Continue reading

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