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Religious Beliefs of America’s Founders

When I was teaching my children history we went beyond history textbooks to read some original writings of America’s founders. One observation that took me by surprise was the vagueness of their references to Jesus, God, and Christian faith. I … Continue reading

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On Guard: Preventing and Responding to Child Abuse at Church

Of all the public places in the world, a child ought to be safe from harm in a church building. As news headlines have indicated, it isn’t always so. In fact, many sexual predators deliberately target churches. Christians who take … Continue reading

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Josiah’s Fire

Written by Tahni Cullen with Cheryl Ricker, Josiah’s Fire: Autism stole his words, God gave him a voice begins with the story of Josiah Cullen’s decline into autism and his resumption of communication in 2012 by typing on an iPad. … Continue reading

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A Visitor’s Guide to Hell

One doctrine upon which almost all religions agree throughout history is hell. They may not agree about the details, but they agree that there is a hell. In A Visitor’s Guide to Hell: A Manual for Temporary Entrants and Those … Continue reading

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Good Mood, Bad Mood

According to Dr. Charles Hodges, a physician and biblical counselor, “depression and bipolar disorder are two of the most common diagnoses made in medicine today.” How did it come to be so common? In his book Good Mood, Bad Mood, Dr. … Continue reading

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Do You Believe in Magic? – Book Review – Alternative Medicine

In the first week of February 2015, news about the latest measles outbreak went “viral.” A disease that in 2000 was declared basically eliminated from the U.S. is now on the rise. The controversy centers on the problem of parents who … Continue reading

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