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Wifing, Singing, Studying, Counseling. I counsel at Gateway Biblical Counseling and Training Center. M.A. in Biblical Counseling. Certified by Association of Certified Biblical Counselors

But the impression was to do something good.

This summer, raccoons were unusually destructive in our neighborhood, stripping several peach trees. Suddenly one morning, all we saw of our ripening peach crop was hundreds of pits lying on the ground under the tree. Raccoons also ate all of … Continue reading

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But isn’t Scripture a filter?

On the farm in my childhood, when Dad wanted especially clean soybeans for seed we scooped harvested beans into  a fanning mill, which shook the beans along a couple of screens to filter out dirt and chaff. Then I would hold … Continue reading

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On Guard: Preventing and Responding to Child Abuse at Church

Of all the public places in the world, a child ought to be safe from harm in a church building. As news headlines have indicated, it isn’t always so. In fact, many sexual predators deliberately target churches. Christians who take … Continue reading

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So if my impression isn’t from God, then where is it from?

Back in the late 70’s, I joined the increasing waves of people who believed that Christians receive daily guidance from God through impressions, independent of Scripture. I was taught that this was essential to personal intimacy with God. Wanting to … Continue reading

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Visit the Sick – What Not to Say

When we visit the sick or shut-in, we want to empathize, encourage, and comfort, yet even with good intentions we sometimes say things that we don’t realize actually carry negative implications. Fear of saying the wrong thing can be a … Continue reading

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But I have impressions… 

The post God Still Speaks – Discussion After Josiah’s Fire used the book review of Josiah’s Fire as a springboard to a series discussing the claims that Christians today subjectively hear from God outside of Scripture (extra-biblical revelation). Answering two … Continue reading

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