Thanksgiving for Blessings In Christ

In the United States, this coming Thursday is a day which, many years ago, was set aside as a day to give thanks to God for His provision, protection, and good gifts. A follower of Jesus additionally has spiritual blessings far and away more abundant and wondrous than earthly blessings.

They are all the more wonderful when we realize that before turning to follow Christ, we all live our own way. Even if it is a “good” way, we are still separated from God, guilty in sin, unforgiven and under His condemnation. But those who turn and trust in Him receive His salvation. That salvation is a package deal, stuffed and overflowing with blessings.

By the work of Christ, those who trust in Him are delivered from the penalty of sin and united with Christ. It is by His work, not their own. In Christ and by His work His followers are forgiven and no longer under condemnation, weighed down by guilt. Can you believe it–no condemnation for eternity?! In Christ and by His work they are no longer under God’s wrath, but have the hope of seeing God’s face of favor. In Christ and by His work, they are no longer dead but have been made new so that they can love and obey Him. In Christ and by His work they have been sealed with and indwelt by the Holy Spirit, who gives the power to turn from sin and obey God. In Christ and by His work they have been made both His friends and His slaves, privileged to be both. In Christ and by His work they are made part of His family, with brothers and sisters by the thousands, including people in the local church here to help them. In Christ and by His work, they are in the process of growing in Christlikeness while still on earth. They have the sure hope of seeing Christ in His glory in heaven. Followers of Jesus have great riches, and all “to the praise of His glory.”

Thanks be to God and our Lord Jesus Christ, Savior of those who trust Him!

Oh give thanks to the Lord, for He is good;
For His lovingkindness is everlasting. ~ Psalm 106:1


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