Top Ten Posts for 2014

As I did last year in Top Ten Posts for 2013, I want to thank those who have read this blog. You encourage me. I hope that the posts have been encouraging and edifying to you.

I thank those friends and advisors who have contributed to various posts here at SeedSown. A special thanks to Heather Rice, who contributed an interview and several guest posts. Also, I appreciate the comments that were sent.

Below are the top ten posts that you read in 2014, according to WordPress stats, listed from most to least read.

1. No Trust, No Love. Really? This post placed number 3 in last year’s top ten. It is really one of a series, so I recommend reading the related posts to put it into a broader context.

2. They Say He Has No Conscience. Ranking second for the second year in a row, this post examines the popular idea that people who will do anything evil without remorse must, therefore, not possess a conscience, else they would feel remorse for the same things we do. Like Number 1, it is best read with its partner post.

3. The Secondary Primary Purpose of Marriage: Companionship Marriage was the topic of three of the top ten. These deal with purposes for marriage. Everyone who marries does so for a reason or his or her own, often not realizing that God has purposes for marriage far more important than ours. Our purposes, if they are not in agreement with God’s, lead to problems because we are basically selfish. Knowing God’s purpose helps us to set daily interactions with our spouses into an eternal context that takes us beyond ourselves. Living for God’s purposes rather than our own transforms how we view our communication, decision-making, sex, child-rearing, finances, socializing, and problems, and that results in changed motives, which changes behavior, which usually results in a more satisfying relationship with one’s spouse.

4. A Purpose for Marriage: Oneness

5. Marriage: Procreation is Important, But Not Primary

6. Reactive Attachment Disorder – Description Based on the DSM RAD is a label for problems in children that are extremely difficult to handle. I hope that the posts on this topic are encouraging to parents.

7. Preaching the Gospel to Yourself for Christian Growth This post is in response to a popular trend sweeping through Christianity in the last few years.

8. Men Counseling Men Not only did this book review make it to the top ten, it was also the post that received the most views in a single day.

9Does Jesus Appear to Muslims in Dreams? Hearing the excitement with which people repeat reports of Muslims seeing Jesus, I decided to look into it. Not only have Western Christians bought into mysticism far more than they realize, they also fail to understand the Muslim mindset and so they interpret these reports through undiscerning perceptions. We need to practice discernment when we hear reports, even firsthand personal testimonies.

10. Was Christmas a Pagan Holiday? After reading a historian’s challenge to the “pagan holiday” view, I thought I’d do a bit of reading and then present the question to my readers for their own consideration.

If pages were ranked with posts, the page Parenting the Difficult Child was read enough times to rank fourth.

I wish you a 2015 full of God’s grace and peace!


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