Top Ten Posts from 2013

This year, blogging was a whole new adventure for me, one that has challenged me to think more and to step a little further into seeing through the eyes of others. To those friends and advisors who have contributed to various posts, thank you. Thanks also to you who commented; your comments are helpful.

I hope that the posts have been encouraging and edifying to you who are reading this because that is my goal. Thank you for reading.

Below are the top ten posts that you read according to WordPress stats, listed from one to ten.

1. Reactive Attachment Disorder – Description Based on the DSM

2. They Say He Has No Conscience.

3. No Trust, No Love. Really?

4. The Secondary Primary Purpose of Marriage: Companionship

5. How can they be so remorseless?

6. Prayers for Unbelieving Children

7. Defining Relational Trust

8. Interview with Kurt Grady on Psychotropic Drugs

9. Marriage: Procreation is Important, But Not Primary

10. Psychiatry’s Self-Treatment: DSM On the Outs

What post was your favorite?

I wish you a 2014 full of God’s grace and peace!


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