Christmas – Perspective, Thanksgiving, and Concern for Others

Each year at Christmas, we enjoy catching up with the lives of friends through the newsy letters we receive. Our Christmas letter exchange is how I obtained this blog post. It is written by Betty Michal, of North Carolina, and taken from the Christmas letter she and her husband sent us. Betty is a wife and a mother of four grown daughters. Her life is very full in service, helping her husband with his business, spending time with her six grandchildren, and helping her daughters and friends with needs that arise. Betty gave me permission to share this, the first paragraph of her letter. She wrote:

 Right before starting this letter, I was praying for those Christians around the world who are imprisoned for their faith. Today it is cold and rainy here, and I can only imagine the circumstances of those fellow believers in deplorable and inhumane conditions, simply because they held fast to their belief in Christ. It is a sober contrast to the lights, presents, and “Merry Christmas” we see here in America. Not that we should stop enjoying and celebrating Christmas when others are suffering, but that we should remember and pray for them as well. Those who know the love and forgiveness that the Messiah brings are far richer (even in a prison), than those without Him sitting in a mansion. God illustrated that with delivering His greatest gift in a stable.


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