Proverbs: Gems in God’s Diamond Field of Wisdom

Oh, the book of Proverbs! Such pleasure! Opening its pages is like walking through the gate into a garden of diamonds. I stand there dazzled by the sparkles and light. Then I lean over and look at one closely. It is covered with perfect facets to examine. I pick it and handle it. I affix it to my heart and feel my life change for the better. My soul swells with satisfaction and joy at its delights. I turn to another and find it also perfect and satisfying and thrilling. It lights my way in dimension different from the first. There is another diamond, and another and another. I straighten up for a rest and look ahead. Diamonds farther away are not as clear to me. They blend together as in fields of gilded tulips. The garden is not so small as I’d thought. The inside is bigger than the outside. I see diamonds upon diamonds waving in the wind across the field and hills ahead of me. It’s blinding! I pull out of my pocket the sum of knowledge and wisdom that I brought with me and now I see that my own treasure box holds but a few fake stones, worthless illusions compared to the vast acres of God’s rich jewels. And this garden is just the book of Proverbs! Aren’t God’s words to us amazing? Isn’t our God’s wisdom glorious beyond description?


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